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Writing is an extremely versatile profession and nowadays it is becoming the major source for many freelancers to make money through offering their writing skills to online employers.

First, what is copywriting and how it differs from normal copywriting jobs?

According to dictionary, copywriting is “writing something for the purpose of advertising or marketing”.

If you are considering making an income online from your writing talents, then there are many legitimate opportunities. Is Copy Writing Jobs one of them? Yes, but there is one essential thing to consider and that is whether you can or cannot write good content.

Online writing jobs give you the freedom to work part time or full time job. You can earn money either way but doing part time writing work can only generate an income below $2000/month. It is up to your commitment.

A question might rise about the legitimacy of copy writing jobs in your mind. Are these jobs for real or is this a scam?

The answer is very simple. Copywriting jobs are for real and they are 100% legitimate and No they are not a scam, the only thing you have to remember is that, you need to go to a legitimate website for your job search.

There are some freelancing websites where you can find copywriting jobs, websites like elance.com, odesk.com, crowdspring.com, and guru.com. At these websites you have to register to find work. Once you have registered an account you can search for jobs according to your skills. You will have to survey these websites many times a day and search for different jobs which meet your requirement.

To find your first job you might have to wait for days or even weeks, it is not possible to find your first job without struggle so you must bid and try your luck every day. Once you get a positive response from a buyer you will start communicating with him. To professional and try to impress him.

After getting work, you must try your best to be in the good books of your buyer. Finding future jobs easily would depend on one major thing and that is your rating. Always try to get good and positive rating from your buyer and this can be achieved by working faithfully, finishing work on time and giving your 100%; this would be the key to success for you.

The amount of money you can earn from copywriting jobs will depend on how many projects you get. As a beginner, you can earn $2 per article and as you gain experience, you will earn up to $25 per article. Many writers make $1000 to $3000 each month which is not a bad income : ) That is around $12000 to $ 36000 a year. So what are you waiting for start earning today.

Online Teaching Jobs: Qualifying for Online Teaching Jobs

Online Teaching Jobs

The industry of online teaching jobs is rapidly expanding as educational facilities realize that by investing a bit in emerging technology they can greatly expand their student base. Opportunities include instructors, staff positions, and tutors.

The Instructional Technology Council (ITC) says, “Distance education enrollments grew by 6.52 percent from fall 2011 to fall 2012. This stands in contrast to overall student enrollment, which declined by 2.64 percent.” The trend indicates that the gap will continue grow as a greater percentage of the population gets online with high-speed connections.

Qualifying for Online Teaching Jobs

Qualifying to be a distance learning instructor varies from place to place (depending on state, country, school district, etc.) but it is safe to assume that some sort of teaching certificate will be required. You may run across the term “teacher licensure”; it’s the same thing. In the U.S. the contentious No Child Left Behind law requires that teachers must be certified in the subjects they teach.

Where can a certificate be acquired? Most universities and community colleges have an education program where one can be earned. For very busy people and for those can’t be over-committed due to other work or family life, this learning and certifying can be done online.

The coursework will vary according to location and specialty but at a minimum curriculum and instruction, classroom management, methods, and classes in your chosen subject of interest can be expected. Before laying down any of your hard-earned tuition money, always be sure the school is accredited otherwise the certificate won’t be worth the paper it is printed on. The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education can provide this information. It’s also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau.

Wages for online teachers depends on many factors such as location, experience, the school, etc. For full-time teachers the wages can range wildly from $18,000 to $80,000 per year. For part-time employment just scale those numbers back.

Working as an Online Tutor

Being an online tutor is a good alternative to being a teacher. It allows much more schedule flexibility. Tutors either work with students on a one-on-one capacity or they work with a larger group in a virtual learning environment (VLE). If everyone involved has a camera on their computer, it is almost like being together in person.

Other communication technologies include whiteboards, assignment posting software, and testing modules. Forums and newsletters are also very useful. Generally speaking, the requirements are a lot looser that those for teachers. Some states require certificates and others don’t.

There’s nothing to stop an individual from going it alone as a freelancer, hanging out his shingle, and soliciting students. Everyone is familiar with music teachers doing this and high school and college students picking up some extra cash doing this. Otherwise there is no shortage of companies that hire tutors, such as Sylvan Learning Center. The pay scale varies widely but tutors can expect to earn between $10 and $18 per hour.

TopOption Review: Binary Options Sites Review

TopOption holds the distinction as being the binary trading industry’s first EU regulated brokerage firm. Being such an established firm, one would think that they would be in the position of taking on clients from the USA. But alas, such is not the case. Like many other brokers, Americans are still excluded from doing business with them. Being licensed and regulated by the CySEC lends credibility and confidence in fund security.

TopOption’s software platform is based on the very popular SpotOption application. Pairing this GUI with over 180 different assets available to trade make this a very popular platform in the trading community.  Assets offered include stocks (a minimum of 16 world-class positions as well a plethora of smaller ones), currencies (as many as 12 pairs plus Amazon), commodities (precious metals plus wheat, sugar, coffee, and light sweet crude oil), and 16 major global indices. These figures are representative; the complete list of assets is much larger.

All the common trading options traders are familiar with are available. These include Option Builder, 60 Seconds, High/Low, One-Touch, Pro Option, and Pairs. In addition to these options, risk management tools such as Rollover and Double UP complete the package.

This firm is very competitive with other brokers. They boast an 85% payout on successful transactions and up to 20% for trades that fail. Beginning and the more analytic traders will appreciate the “Trader’s Choice” graphic featured on the left-handed side of the GUI. This is a graph that displays the percentage of traders that have taken either a Put or Call position on the current asset. Going with the herd? Swimming against the current? This feature will show the trader.

Demo accounts and mobile trading apps are standard operating procedure for TopOption; it’s all part of their “satisfy the client” culture. With a minimum deposit of $100 and a minimum trade of $10, this broker is very accessible to the mainstream trader. To round out the package, educational videos, eBooks, and webinars are offered.

Online Jobs You Can Get at Freelance Sites

Online Jobs You Can Get at Freelance Sites

The past decade has been one of the most interesting in history for job creation. Prior to that, urban-type jobs were mostly brick-and-mortar jobs. Now, things are in flux. Many large established companies are either no longer hiring or laying off due to the economy.

The rapid expansion of broadband internet access, the slumping price of computer equipment, and the dwindling stranglehold of traditional publishing’s hold on the publishing industry have all contributed to the number of jobs you can get at freelance sites. These jobs include publishing, article-writing, website development, custom software engineering, graphics design, and more. Do you specialize in one or more of those niches? Freelancing might be right for you.

Why Use Freelance Bidding Sites?

That’s a great question. After all, why pay someone to administer your freelance gigs when you are bidding against other entrepreneurs across the globe? In a nutshell, it is because these sites provide a payment buffer zone between freelancers and clients. Freelancers typically run on a bare-bones budget that does not include litigation for recovery or dispute of wages across international boundaries.

These sites also keep payment records so that the freelancer has a back-up repository of data at tax time should the primary source suffer a hard-drive crash or some other anomaly. Of course, this presupposes the use of the larger, more-established sites.

What Types of Jobs are Available?

Freelancing just means that each worker is fending for himself or acting as his own agent. That means that any type of work can be represented. The most popular ones are the online writing, editing, and tech-related projects so this is the target of this article.

What are the Best Freelance Sites?

One of the biggest sites for freelance bidding is Freelancer.com. They acquired a competitor site a few years ago, and in doing so increased their buyer and provider base exponentially. This site lists all kinds of Internet-related jobs, so don’t expect to find things like lawn services.

Zerys is a great site for freelance writing. When you register you will specify the areas in which you are an expert. This site doesn’t require writers to bid; instead qualified writers claim posted jobs that fall within their range of expertise. The pay/for word is in most cases higher than other sites so it is important to check new postings early in the morning. Because credibility is always important, ensure that the client is satisfied and the writer may be asked back for additional content.

Another bidding site where you can easily get free online jobs is called Elance and is the most popular freelance site these days. They are not much different from Freelancer; they just provide a useful interface between buyers and sellers. There are many other sites that operate the same way.

Another alternative are sites that allow the writer to work with a passive residual income. Here is a good example of this. Under this paradigm, there is no upfront payment but the writer receives Google Adsense income for the life of the article which is potentially forever.

Opteck Review: Binary Options Sites Review

Opteck is a binary options brokerage firm that was founded by B.H.N.V online LTD. It is a privately held firm based in London, UK, and is registered under the laws and regulations of the UK.

Opteck’s trading platform, although being a commercial product built by Tradologic, it has been customized to fit specific needs and concerns. In order to make it truly accessible and user-friendly in a maximum number of locations with minimum lag time and to insure data persistence, it is hosted in the cloud. It has several things to recommend it. For further accessibility, apps are available for smart phones, tablets or any other Internet connected devices.

First, it offers a demo account. Not all options brokers offer this. Not only does this give the prospective client trader an opportunity to “kick the tires” and decide if they are comfortable with it, but it indicates that Opteck is willing to treat clients fairly at the risk that they might not get the account in this competitive industry. Next, the educational resources are quite impressive. They include a personal account manager, tutorials, webinars, e-Books, personal account managers, and FAQ’s.

There are a number of trading options available. The On Demand Option is sometimes referred to elsewhere as the 60 Second option.  This just means utilizing a set of expiry times that can be anywhere from one minute up to one hour. The High/Low option is very common in the industry, in fact they all use it one way or the other. Simply predict if the asset price will go down or up before the expiry time expires.

The One Touch Option allows the trader to predict whether the asset’s market price will reach a predetermined value prior to the expiry. The Range Option features a lower and an upper target price. This constitutes a boundary range.

There are four different types of Opteck binary accounts. The differences are the deposit amounts and desired features. The Bronze account requires a minimum deposit of $500 to $999. The Silver Account calls for a deposit of $1,000 to $4,999. Next, the Gold Account necessitates depositing $5,000 to $9,999. Finally, the granddaddy of them all is the Platinum Account. Expect to pony up from $10,000 to $24,999 for this one. It’s great for the very serious player rather than the dabbler because it features priority contact with Opteck’s senior brokers.